KZN Rainstorm Kills Two Kids


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KZN Rainstorm Kills 2more Kids

Heavy rains and thunderstorms in KwaZulu-Natal  have recently claimed the lives of two children.

14-year-old Ntsika Lamle and his 5-year-old sister Slindile were crushed to death by large rocks and old tyres which wrecked their shack in Chatsworth while they were asleep.

The mother of the children, Nomafu Lamle, is in shock over the incident. She was trying to control some leaks in her home when she heard a bang from the room in which her children were. She ran to the scene and saw a big hole through a wall of the room along with her children covered in mud.

Lamle said her children were not recognisable by the time she could get them out of the rubble.

Residents from the informal settlement were moved to a community hall where they also received aid from various food and clothing organisations.