Kaprinos Promenade: Food Review


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Danyal Zaal reviews Kaprino's and tells you exactly why you should be eating there.

Eat all you want!

On our arrival at Kaprinos, we are approached by two wonderful hosts. Instantly, we get a homely feel from the restaurant. It has its own amount of elegance. Mellow old school jazz classics that instantly bring me back to Sunday afternoon lunches with the family. And all this for under R100.00.

I am amazed by what this restaurant has to offer. A huge food selection. I’m even more excited by the launch of their lunch time buffet, R65 but a scaled down version of their supper buffet.

With their wide variety of starters, my selection of a Prawn starter soup tasted magnificent. Everything from the starter to the mains, left me wanting more. The buffet chief, Malik Johnson talks me through the whole selection: Grilled Prawns, smoked, Prawn curries, Pasta’s, Variety of curries mild to chillies, Vegetable  stir fries, There Famous Ribs and Calamari.

It’s all so overwhelming and amazing at the same time in terms of taste and look.

If you’re a student and you feel like just having that home cooked meal, Kaprinos is the place to go too. I ended my night off with a Strawberry Daiquiri and the Kaprinos specialty the “Kaprinos Sunrise” a burst of three flavours which just takes you away with cheese cake on the side. Service, food and atmosphere all sets it off for me. Kaprinos, a home away from home.

Danyal Live SA Review Rating:  6½ of 10