Join Live Magazine SA – ISSUE 7


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Join Live Magazine SA - ISSUE 7

Want to be part of a vibrant and energetic group of media enthusiasts? If you have an interest in journalism, photography, design, film or fashion, Live Magazine South Africa may just be the place to spend part of YOUR new year.

We’re providing YOU with the opportunity to APPLY for a 3 MONTH INTERNSHIP at Live Magazine SA starting in February 2013.

You don’t need any formal training or experience, passion is essential and basic skills are beneficial!

If you’re keen, send YOUR CV, an APPLICATION LETTER and a sample of your writing, photography, videography, design or styling to

Unfortunately, you MUST reside in the CAPE TOWN AREA in order to be eligible for this opportunity.

If you are in another part of South Africa you are welcome to submit content for our mobile site at the address mentioned above.

You’ll be required to work from Tuesday to Fridaydays of the week from 9:30am – 4.30pm.

Good Luck!!!