Idols 2013


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Idols 2013 - auditions are on the way!

Calling all pop divas (or divos), Idols is back!

The new season will air in July 2013.

If you’re interested,  here are the dates.

Auditions Dates & Venues:

Cape Town: Saturday, 02 February – Grandwest Entertainment World

Soweto: Saturday, 16 February – Soweto Theatre

Durban: Saturday, 02 March – Playhouse

Johannesburg: Saturday, 23 March – Sandton Convention Centre

Rules: SA citizens between the ages of 16 and 30 are eligible to enter Bring ID book Under 18s should bring a parent or guardian along to the audition

Note: Music instruments will be allowed in the audition room.

Keep in mind though, the Idols audition room has been the scene for many disasters.

Remember these epic fails:

Also, watch out for our Mobi Editor Dewandre Lawrence in the above video, laughing in white…