Addicted to Alicia Keys' Latest Music Video

Ntombenhle Shezi

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I won't forget the moment I first I heard Alicia Keys sing for the first time. She was sitting at her piano and as she sang, “I keep on falling....”.

I’ll never forget the very first time Alicia Keys, the girl with the signature criss cross braids, introduced herself to us. Seated at her piano during the Oprah show,  she played while belting out the words, “I keep on falling in and out of love with you”. It was at this point that many of us fell in love with her music. Alicia has always had so much soul, something that was evident in all her follow up albums. However, when she released her Element of Freedom album last year, she started riding on the pop wave, which is something most artists do in their struggle to remain relevant. In the process, some die-hard fans like myself, felt left behind.

I felt a connection with Alicia once again when I saw her latest video for the single Fire We Make featuring neo soul star Maxwell. Where do I begin with the awesomeness of this song and video? Firstly I love how the video captures the jazzy New Orleans vibe, both in the setting and the instrumentals. The styling is on point. Both Maxwell in his hot red suit and Alicia gorgeously coordinated in her print crop top. Although Maxwell has been on the R&B and soul scene for while, this was his  first ever duet with another artist. Hearing them both sing the line, “I can’t stay away”, to each other is nothing short of a dream duet.

This song reminds me why I fell in love with Alicia Keys in the first place. The lyrics and her voice on this song take me back to that moment I first saw her.

Check out the video and tell us what you think.