Haters Haters Haters!! Validation or Imagination?


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Are haters a real thing, or something we've made up just to feel a little bit better about ourselves?

So what is a Hater exactly? Some say it’s a person who is jealous of you and your successes or someone who would simply love to be in your shoes. But the real question here is do we REALLY have haters? Or do some people just make it up (saying they do but don’t)?

We’ve all heard or seen people going on and on, either on Facebook or on Twitter about people hating on them, whether it’s praising their haters for hating on them or giving them shout-outs on social networks like, “halla to all my haters so keep on hating as I move up’’.

In my personal opinion a hater is a person who hates on you for no reason at all. It is someone who can never be happy or excited for you (unless something bad happens to you); instead whatever you do/say and even succeed in causes them discomfort. It’s like your presence brings out this evil feeling inside them which makes it difficult for them to stand you.

Then there are those people who don’t have haters but simply say they do just to boost their own self-esteem since nobody else seems to be interested in their lives. It’s what I like to call a ‘’hate-stunter’’- a person who continuously goes on about having haters and you can see there is nothing that one could possibly hate about when it comes to them.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any haters out there, there are! Because anywhere in the world, we find people who are just never just content about anything and just become automatically negative in whatever they do or say. They are just simply never happy! Maybe it’s because they could never see themselves in the position of the person that they hating on.

Everyone either has or wishes they had a hater just for status sake. But then again haters are gonna hate! And those who don’t have haters ‘’sit down!’’ as Nontle Tema would say.