Greytown – My Hometown

Buhle Mweli

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Writer Buhle tells a little bit about her homtown of Greytown, in the Natal Midlands

Greytown or Emdlovane, my home town is honestly the best place I know. It’s situated in the lush and picturesque Natal midlands, with a green landscape that begs you to take a long road trip. The Merthley Lake is a 15 minute drive from the town and any holiday maker’s dream… Regularly hosting annual events ranging from music, arts and crafts, and traditional community get-togethers. The locals meet, listen to good music and enjoy the bring-and-braais that take place mostly around school holidays.


Situated just outside Greytown, the Weenen and Craigie Burn Nature Reserves allow you the chance to connect with nature. Stretches of typical Kwa-Zulu Natal Acacia and the occasional Thicket where tourists can, fish, spot 230 different species of birds and game; and camp.

MidlandsPhotos - Craigieburn

Greytown is home to Shalom Ministries. A farm turned church by Angus Buchan of ‘Faith Like Potatoes ‘ fame, a movie based on his life as a minister and evangelist. He founded The Mighty men Conference, which sees more than 300000 men, mostly farmers, from around the world come together to worship annually.

Mighty Men Conference
Mighty Men Conference

Finally, what would any self-respecting township be without a Shisa-Nyama (Braai spot)? Stop plant cruelty and head down to Enhlalakahle (Greytown Township), Kwamfanyane (or Baba Mfanyane to me) and order yourself a good serving of Pork ribs, some pap and savour the moment.


One of the most amazing things that I always miss when I’m away is the undeniable cultural backdrop of the town. The antics that we get up to trying to entertain ourselves with my peers, and the warmth. If you want to chill and explore nature, make a date mate. As for me, there is truly no place like home.