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Its always juicy gossip, people are up to no good out there!

  • So the Jub Jub conviction has been on everyone’s lips and twitter tips. Its a sad situation for all parties involved and I’m sure none of us can even begin to imagine what the families are going through. But you know how something like this will always go down in the media… Yes you are right!  Everyone is going to try and capitalize on this unfortunate situation.


  • So there’s a lot being said about Kim Dash’s relationship with Kanye, there’s more about what she’s wearing on the gossip blogs. Is Kanye and his people deciding what Kimmy should be wearing these day…?  WoW! Do I smell a CONTROL FREAK lurking in our mitts.


  • The ever so famous couple from the very very popular trilogy Twilight, Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson, are back together after Kirsten cheated on poor Robbie, BAD GIRL… After long conversations and apologies from Kirsten, Robert decided to give her second chance. Hope she changes and no more wondering eye for you little missy .