Lady Gaga VS Die Antwoord


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Shots fired. Die Antwoord gets Lady Gaga devoured in their new music video, and the Mother Monster takes to twitter to settle the score.

This just in South African international band DIE ANTWOORD’s new music video seems to be causing a lot of buzz as the funky/weird singers depict a meat-dress clad Lady Gaga roaming Johannesburg. The ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ video has Lady Gaga  touring SA in a local taxi van and get this, birthing out what seems to be a slummy filled insect. She later gets devoured by lion on Rockey Street.

After the video was uploaded, Gaga took to twitter “i fink u freaky but i don’t have a hit. hundred thousand tIckets sold in SA. #thatmyshit.” – @ladygaga  . They responded late last night…. check what they said below.