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The local rock music scene is emerging big and fast, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a “guys only” zone.   LIVE spoke to some of SA’s hottest ladies of rock from the bands When Karma Sleeps, If 6 Was 9 and Junkyard Lipstick.     WHEN KARMA SLEEPS Melodic rock with a post […]

The local rock music scene is emerging big and fast, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a “guys only” zone.


LIVE spoke to some of SA’s hottest ladies of rock from the bands When Karma Sleeps, If 6 Was 9 and Junkyard Lipstick.




Melodic rock with a post hardcore element

LIVE spoke to Megan, lead vocalist of the band based in Cape Town.

When Karma Sleeps

The band
Megan (24) – Vocals
Greg (24) – Guitar
KB (24) – Guitar
Gerard (24) – Bass

What’s the story behind the band’s name?
When Karma Sleeps is all about the concept of Karma, about people being held responsible for their actions and reaping what they sow, whether that be good or bad. It asks the question of what if? What if there was a world without Karma? What if that element of good or bad Karma was taken away? Basically, what would happen… When Karma Sleeps?

Megan Karma

How do you conceptualize your lyrics?
I like to write based on the experiences of living life, those not only belonging to myself but everyday people I meet and socialize with. I like knowing that anyone and everyone can relate to our songs.
I sing of Hope, Hurt, Love, Courage, Weakness, Strength – in other words “Life”.  I’d like to know that each individual song means something different to each person.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
People – you and me. I get inspiration for things that affect everyday people.

What are some of the challenges you face as a female musician, especially being the lead vocalist with an all-male cast alongside you and with the industry generally being a male-dominated one?
I believe that the music industry is no longer a male dominated one. To be honest it’s pretty much on the same par at the moment. The only challenges I face being in my band are injuries!
We are a very energetic and performance based band. We believe in letting go and letting the music express itself through us when we are on stage. But hey, who expects to be in a rock band and not get a few bumps and bruises along the way? It’s all part of the ride!

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IF 6 WAS 9

Hard classic rock with a twist of sexy

LIVE spoke to Amie, lead vocalist of the band based in Pretoria.


The band
Amie (21) – Lead vocals
Darren (23) – Lead guitar
Divan (27) – Rhythm guitar & backing vocals
Lee (23) – Drums 

Martin (26) – Bass

How do you conceptualize your lyrics?
Divan and I brainstorm between life experiences, visual ideas and grab inspiration from things we feel people can relate to.

Which local and international bands inspire you?
Locally: Man as machine, Taxi Violence
Internationally: Foo fighters, Alter bridge, Halestorm, Otep


What are some of the challenges you face as a female musician?
As a female musician, it is challenging to convince the audience that you are in control and that you CAN rock their socks off, even though you’re a woman.
With regards to the band, they warmed up to me pretty quick and I have already learnt a lot from them, as a musician and a friend. It is fantastic to have an all male cast that I know will always have my back.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?
The best thing about being a female ‘rock’ musician is that I get the chance to express how I feel and bring out my ‘crazy’ side with no limits or sexist remarks because I know I can kick any male vocalists ass, and look good doing it!

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Rock, thrash, punk & metal with a hint of 80s chic

LIVE spoke to the ladies of the band based in Cape Town.


The band
Tazz-O (26) – Vocals and guitar
Louise (25) – Guitar
Lucinda Villain (24) – Drums
Jacky Roodt (19) – Bass

How do you conceptualize your lyrics?
Lately we’ve been keeping it local. Daisy de Melke, a South African serial killer, Advocate Barbie, Golden Arrow Busses, the President. Whenever inspiration strikes, we write something. The local theme has just been a product of what has been on our mind and not a restriction.

We write about so many different things, either personal experiences or things that we’ve seen and heard of. There isn’t really a central theme, just whatever is dear or relevant to us at the time.

I like writing about uncomfortable scenarios, non-conformity, content that females are not “supposed” to cover, social and political issues, and add a dash of humour.

Where do you draw your influence from?
I believe inspiration comes in all forms. It can be from an experience, a story and a situation. Sometimes I am inspired by the weather or just from a conversation I might have had with someone.

Other bands. Any kind of music from anywhere can ignite that spark.

We all have such different musical preferences, and somehow this hasn’t made us clash. We bring out the best in each other.
I can’t say that the music I listen to actually influences my playing, because my technical playing ability is nowhere near the level of these musical geniuses. But I am very much inspired. What I’m listening to mostly consists of Death Metal, Black Metal some Thrash.

My heart belongs to metal, mostly thrash and death. I also have a good collection of punk and arb music like PJ Harvey.
Drummers that I love are Dave Lombardo from Slayer, Charles Benante from Anthrax and Igor Cavalera. I love their playing style and hope that in probably 10 years I will be at that level. My drumming is mostly influenced by thrash and punk, which I like to incorporate with a strong focus on the toms.

Bitmap 2

Which local and international bands inspire you?
I am inspired by the icons which we have lost along the way, such as Freddy Mercury and Maria Callas. I love 80s rock music as that is what I grew up listening to. Mango Groove was also part of my childhood and I think Claire Johnston is an amazing vocalist.

Oh it keeps changing. Whatever’s on my playlist at the time I’ll be like “Oh my god! Best guitarist in the WORLD!”.
Dave Mustaine is insane on guitar. And Jeff Loomis. And Muhammed Suiçmez. Man, I don’t know.
Too many. Jeez, most bands that “make it” are inspirational because so much hard work and effort needs to be put into getting that far.

Metallica, Tool, Puscifer, lots of stuff. Don’t wanna name local bands in case I forget any and they know me and will hate me forever!

Locally there are so many talented metal bands out there. It’s very difficult to point out a few in case I miss anyone! But I need to give a shout out to ING – in your face THRASH!
My playlist exists out of such a big variety of music but most of the time you’ll hear metal blaring from my headphones or car radio. Bands that I am addicted to at the moment include: Exodus, Anthrax, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse and The Exploited.

What are some of the challenges you face as female musicians?
None really. None so far anyway.

I really try not to pay attention to that because it really shouldn’t be an issue at all. I play music because it is my passion and for no other reason.

I think as women, we have to work harder to prove ourselves in our genre. A lot of people think that there are ulterior motives behind us being an all-female band which is nonsense. They let their preconceived ideas about women in music cloud their judgement. We all love heavy music and have passion, perseverance and dedication to our instruments.

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