Firecracker Explodes in Tyson's mouth


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Dog Put Down Due to Firecracker Explosion...

Johannesburg – An 18-month-old American pitbull cross-breed had to be put down after a firecracker exploded in his mouth.

The dog’s owner said that their pet, Tyson, grabbed a firecracker which he had mistaken for a ball which then exploded. The cracker was thrown into the garden by some children during the holidays.

“Tyson then went to lie under the tree. His tongue was torn, his intestines damaged. He was actually already dead. My husband poured water in his mouth and he lifted his head a little”, said Tyson’s owner Debbie Els.

The family had been traumatised by Tyson’s death. “Tyson was my baby, my child. He was not a dog. Every time I talk about him I cry. I miss him so much.”

The SPCA was called to the scene to examine the dog after which they had to put him down.