Enough Should Be Enough!


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Relationships go sour sometimes. How can you tell if you're just going through a rough patch, or if it's time to go?

I understand that it is hard leaving somebody that you love so much even when you see that things are not the same and that he/she is becoming/is different. The thing is once a person looses emotions for you there is no way that you can get them to love you the way they did before things started becoming different.

When things were ‘’perfect’’ you use to call or chat with each other all the time for long hours. Now the person that you love is no longer doing that but instead he/she is becoming distant and is making less time for you. Your boy/girlfriend starts flirting around and you start seeing texts from another person that he/she is flirting with or is becoming ‘’too friendly’’ which causes huge fights between you two, whenever you see or talk to each other because the trust that you had for him/her is gone.

Point is, if your lover is cheating and you have caught them once or even more than twice and every time you forgive them in hopes that they will change because you love them. Guess what? That’s not going to happen! The fact that they know you going to forgive them or  take them back each time they mess up will make them do the same thing over again.

So what is the best solution? Breaking up, which I understand it’s a hard thing to do. If you feel that you have been hurt and betrayed too many times in your relationship then let him/her go! There is no use in telling yourself that I will end things when you don’t even make the effort in doing so. You need to be strong and take a stand and tell yourself that, ‘’ENOUGH SHOULD BE ENOUGH.’’

Here are a few tips in cutting ties with a bad girl/boyfriend and healing from it:

  1. Tell him that you are ending things with him and giving the real reasons why
  2. Delete his number and all the text in which you got from him.
  3. Delete all pictures so that you have nothing of him that will remind you of him
  4. Avoid trying to call him and avoid picking up his calls and responding to his sms’s (if you communicate less with him there is a less chance of you in getting confused and to keep on going back and forth to him)
  5. Do not do any hook-ups (there is a 98% chance that you will want to get back together with him/her and end up back to square one in getting hurt again)
  6. Go out and have fun because if you trap yourself in one place you will be sad and depressed.

We all deserve a good person, so it’s up to you to make sure that happens and accept the fact that it’s not meant to be.