Easy Like Sunday Morning


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Ashleigh goes to the V and A waterfront, and is reminded of how beautiful her city is. The simple pleasures.


Our country is filled with beautiful cities and destinations boasting an array of attractions.  Many of us think that places like the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town are mere tourist attractions, with only the elite taking frequent trips there and us ‘regular’ people rarely heading in that direction.

I spent a Sunday morning on route to the harbour commuting via train and then taking a brisk walk from the station, something which cost me nothing as I already have a monthly ticket.

I took in the fresh air and admired the vessels at sea, and popped into a little book store where I browsed through titles on sale. After looking around and observing people, I got some lunch from one of the stores and had a bight to eat on a bench overlooking blue waters.

I returned home refreshed and and reminded of the little things that make life beautiful, like seeing an old lady enjoy herself on a carousel or a little boy have an ice cream for the first time.


Go out, experience your city!