Eastern Food Bazaar Cape Town


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Indian cuisine for everyone at a very affordable price

Eastern Bazaar has a wide variety of Indian foods for all Indian food lovers.They feature exquisite Indian delicacies such as: Madras, Tandoori, Punjabi, Nizami, Bombay Bites, Dehli Pizza, and Chaat Bazaar. That’s not all however, they have also incorporated into their already varied palette, a taste of middle eastern and asian food, from Istanbul and China.

Eastern Bazaar definitely feels like a home away from home for all Indian food lovers. That is of course, if your home is an Indian royal palace. For as little as R45 you can get a full meal to suffice your appetite and bite-size snacks from R10. Running on a budget is now something of the past. Head over to Eastern Bazaar for all your Eastern Delicacies and to top it off with one of their much-loved traditional of Ice-creams and desserts.