Dummies Guide to Dating girls of the Rainbow Nation


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Guide to dating girls from the rainbow nations

Guy: babe, I g2g now

Girl: oh ok

Guy: Why aren’t you hanging up?

Girl: I was expecting you to hang up 🙂

Guy: No you hang up boo 🙂

Girl: … My battery’s dying

Living in the “Rainbow”nation we are constantly exposed to different types of people from different race groups. This makes life all the more interesting. As teenagers we face various challenges, relationships being one of them.

Now that technology has taken over our ways of communication, girls would agree that guys are losing the plot in terms of how to treat them and what they expect. Girls don’t want voice notes and virtual kisses via emoticons; it’s cute but not good enough.

Not only are guys lost in the “take me out scene”, the fact that women are culturally diverse scares and confuses guys even more. ‘Live’ asked around to find out how girls expect guys to behave.

Xhosa: Xhosa girls are generally known to love all things domestic. That also means they love anything with meat, and a man who can be bossed around the house when he doesn’t bring the expensive house décor or car to show “o makhelwana” (neighbours). And don’t forget constant visits to the retail stores. So dudes, If you already think this is high maintenance, well, you’re right, so ruuuunnnnn!

Don’t refer to girls as ‘my kin’ (my girlfriend), this is not cute even if you think it sounds that way. We don’t want to be “tjaais-ed” (pursued). Unless you are my brother,  you have no  right to call me “my bru”. You’re welcome to bring us a “stukkie” (piece) gatsby on a few occasions, but stop saying you “smaak me stukkend” (like me a lot).Coloured: Don’t refer to girls as “my kin” (my girlfriend), this is not cute even if you

Sotho and Tswana: Yes you love your mom, but girls can’t do everything for you. Stop expecting us to be fluent in your home language the moment we agree to date you, how about you try to chill out, huh? Girls think if you’re very needy and clingy, you’re a definite no no. We want to give you love, not a bottomless box of Kleenex.

Indian girls: Family is of utmost importance, so above all else you are going to spend a lot of time surrounded by her family. Unlike in the movies, we aren’t all curry-loving, dancing-between-the-trees-whilst-singing kind of girls, and our marriage isn’t being arranged as we speak. We have a colourful and interesting culture; don’t be afraid to indulge and explore.

White:Don’t assume that our idea of romance and bliss is hiking and surfing, we also want to be taken to the movies and on nice romantic dinners. Also, we aren’t trophies to prove that you are “liberated”.

Zulu: Dream of being like our President when you grow up? STOP right there. We don’t appreciate standing in line and flipping a coin to decide whom you would be giving your attention to; we deserve better. While on the topic, gents please please ditch the traditional slippers when on a date, we want to dine with our hunks, not a reincarnated version of Shaka.

Above all else guys, unless she walks on all-fours and responds to the name Ginger, do not — and I repeat do not — cat-whistle at the ladies, it is an instant turn-off.

Unless you treat a girl with love and respect, her battery and airtime will always