Rate your Daisy: RTD 2013

Colleen Balchin

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Rocking the Daisies, Cape Town’s eco-loving ‘Music and Lifestyle’ festival, took place 3-6 October at the Cloof Wine Estate just outside Darling. Sold-out and solidly anticipated, Live slipped in to vibe the vibe, guerrilla-style.

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Funktion One

at the Mainstay Beach Bar. Best sound of the festival.

Cape Town in Cape Town

Pierre Estienne and Warren Bokwe dropping Clubfeet ‘Cape Town’.

Moonchild, Yes in French, Jumping Back Slash, Big Space and DJ Danger Ingozi

Nu World Beat Burrow totally killing with its freshly baked line-up. Hot from the oven. I almost forgot that Big Space is Mr Corrective Rape. Almost.

B*tches in fur coats, smokey eyes, silky hair

While I strapped up the Velcro on my SuperSport windbreaker, mad respect goes out to the Cape Town girls killing it.

Image courtesy of Jamie Dimitra Ashton. Follow @one_sheep
Image courtesy of Jamie Dimitra Ashton.
Follow @one_sheep

The Marmalade Cat in Darling

Grease-laden breakfast spot with a real live marmalade-coloured cat! If someone is sober, make the trip. You’ll find another parking.


The rainbow, the hands, the lazers, the halo – venue decor that looks sick, feels soothing and can be seen from miles away.

The Boys

Not that the girls weren’t great, but the boys really impressed this girl. Chivalry stopped short of sleaze – your mothers can be proud.


Pap sound on the Main Stage

When Alt-J sound like background jams. Not a vibe.


No water is sold at the festival (plastic bottle blah blah) and Pick n Pay water taps are set up as an alternative to Valpre-liciousness. The scheme is anything but hare-brained – until taps start running dry while kids peek their highs in the witching hours of Sunday morning.

Oppressively White

The phrase comes to mind often for a Joyburg girl holidaying in Bellville. Especially after August’s Oppikoppi (attended indiscriminately by most of the city), the sea of pale up here on the Western edge really strikes the eye. As a crew of not-young white folk bumped poorly to township grooves on the topically-contentious mine-themed Nu World Beat Burrow stage, I wondered for a moment what exactly I was tacitly involved in. When asked for comment, Balkonology’s Maorigonal gave me a hug. It felt like a really good response at the time.

Plus what?

Plus nothing, as artists at Daisies weren’t given any extra guest-list. WAG-rage.


*All images courtesy of Tyron Vavatzanidis, unless otherwise stated.

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