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Dino Michael is one of South Africa’s Deep House Music Legends and the brains behind The Godfathers House USB album release. His DJing career dates back to 1984, when he and the Legendary DJ Christos started Ti-Maor, a mobile disco in Pretoria. He has travelled all around the world from Miami to New York to London, playing to people who appreciate deep house music. 1991 saw the birth of the DJ Syndicate chain of stores, which was the largest dance music distributor in South Africa. Now the Legend has settled in Cape Town and hosts a night-time show on Goodhope FM called the Godfathers House. Throughout the years he has stayed strong in the game, growing with every opportunity that comes his way. Dino Michael truly is one of the Godfathers of House in South Africa. MAXIMUM RESPECT!!! (Papi)