Dina Lohan: Why Lindsay Lohan is "so screwed up"


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Dina Lohan: Why Lindsay Lohan is "so screwed up"...

Dina Lohan says she blames her ex-husband Michael for her daughter’s scandalous behaviour and problems.

The 50-year-old claims that Lindsay Lohan is “so screwed up” because of her troubled relationship with Lindsay’s father. She said that the young actress regularly witnessed violent domestic abuse as a young child, and that Lindsay continues to carry emotional scars from the past.

“Lindsay saw her dad abuse me – that’s why she’s so screwed up. She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems. Lindsay saw all the beatings and all the abuse”, said Dina.

She also told the New York Daily News newspaper: “Like many victims of domestic violence, I was embarrassed and afraid. I was very young … I thought I could keep fixing him.”

She insists that she resulted in a hospital for ‘blunt trauma’ after Michael punched her, but he denies this and said that he was acting in self-defence after she struck him with an ice cube tray.

Michael has also sneered at the claim of sexual assault. “She’s bringing this up now because she’s drinking and partying with Lindsay. And she keeps robbing Lindsay. She is the devil.”