Department of Coffee


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Affordable coffee shop in Khayletisha, suited to your pocket and taste buds!

Situated at 158 Ntlazane Street, Khayelitsha just oppostie Khayelitsha station, Department of Coffee is a great hangout spot when passing through the busy township. Their prices are ridiculously cheap and the three musketeers who greet you cheerfully, provide great service.

The coffee shop, kitted out in a bright orange, is modern and competes well with more established entities.


Cappuccino : R8.50

Filter Coffee: R6.50

Hot Chocolate:  R7.00

Moccachino: R10.00

Cappuccino & Muffin: R10.00

Filter Coffee & Muffin: R8.50

Hot Chocolate & Muffin: R9.00

Tea: R6.00

Muffins: R2.50

The shop is open from 5am to 6pm weekdays, from 8am to 3pm on a Saturday and from 8am to 1pm on a Sunday. Enjoy!


For more information dial 0780860093.