Dboys launch in Cape Town


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International events company D-Boys launch in Cape Town this past Friday at Club Ambition, (the old China White) Edward Street, with a mad line-up of Dj's

Friday 20th July 2012

The hype had been built up for the launch over a number of weeks via the company members and their scheduled acts for the night.

Dj’s were booked from all over the country, sponsors were handling refreshments and Live Magazine was there for every slip-of-the-intoxicated-tongue.

10pm Saw us entering a rather loosely filled venue, turns out Capetonians hibernate on wet city nights: non-the-less, apart from the meek turn out the music was top class.

We arrived to the hip-hop trio Dirtyfunk getting the crowd rowdy, while frontman Dale burnt up the decks. A bout of old versus new got everyone moving and a little later he was joined by rappers André and Elvis who gave a wack performance of their track ‘Rockstar.’

Other Dj’s for the night included:


Dj Sassy

Dj Diepie

and Dj FunkyC who sported some wack hair if I may say so myslef.

The venue, Ambition, is not as glam as in the old China White days; but it makes for a good enough party. Drink specials, (there was one every hour) ensured the party-goers were kept hydrated and uninhibited. Fun was had by all, including our Live team that headed out stayed until the 4am closing time.

Dboys are an events company that started in Canada and Europe, they have recently opened up their Cape Town branch. Dboys Cape Town was started by Lizo Tutu, a 23 year-old from Johannesburg.