Dating Tips – Hygiene


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Ashleigh gives us the lowdown on dating ettiquette


# If you’re a smoker, please refrain from taking up before or while you are with your date. Being a walking ashtray, is not a good look.

# Guys, I don’t know who told you otherwise, but long nails? Such a turn off! Refrain and send your lady for a manicure instead!

# Girls, make sure your nails are well kept, you don’t need to visit the spa, but a nail file has and never will be your enemy!

# You should feel comfortable enough to pass gas in front of your partner BUT, get up and go – practicing some courtesy never hurt.

#  If you’re heading out on a date, going to meet the parents, or spending time with your special one, take some time to tend to your wardrobe, a few minutes would do you good.

# Burping, spitting, NOT COOL!