Curbing my Enthusiasm


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Working your way into the New Year. Here are some New Year's resolution ideas


There are those who believe that New Year’s resolutions can be a good way to completely start afresh with setting goals for the upcoming year. Then there are those who believe that you don’t have to wait 12 months just to do so. I conform to the latter.

Instead of setting resolutions, I thought I’d outline 3 things which I feel I should generally be more wary of:



1. I need think more carefully before I speak

I think I’m just a blatantly honest person and sometimes I don’t realise that the things I say could        in fact unintentionally offend or hurt someone, especially if the person doesn’t know me that well.

2. I need to control my obsessions

I’m an absolute fanatic of second-hand books (especially English classics), oddly shaped mugs and teacups with cool designs on them, and Jungle Oats Bars (Dark Chocolate). Seriously! Even though these things oftentimes leave me with an empty purse, resisting temptation is quite difficult. Money talks, but all mine ever says is “GOODBYE!”

3. I need to manage my time more efficiently

I need to stop convincing myself that playing games, watching series and rearranging my bookshelf constitutes as stimulating and productive activities rather than a form of procrastination when I clearly have lots of deadlines to meet!

Whether you believe in New Year’s resolutions or not, just remember that you can always accomplish something any day and every day. No need to draft your goals on paper first, or start planning them in December every year.