Creeped In Style


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Creepers literally creped up on the fashion scene as the shoes to have. They come in various styles from the suede, leather, fur upper and thick or triple sole.

Creepers have literally crept up on the fashion scene as the shoes to have. They come in various styles from suede, leather, fur upper and thick or triple soled.

Leave your last season shoes at home and focus on Creepers. Aside from them being comfortable, they also give you quite a height boost which benefits those who quite frankly won’t admit to it.

Creepers are for ladies and men, these shoes are one of the most popular unisex shoes in street style right now. They can be worn with anything; from jeans to shorts, hipsters to maxi dresses.

They come in various different colours and a mix of patterns,  these shoes are guaranteed to make you look too cool for school.

Creepers can be bought online under the Linx brand on or on ebay for approximately R282,64.

Be frivolous with your lovely new Creepers,  also be sure to make an friend out of your Creepers and above don’t forget to creep into your friend’s minds about them.