Meet 4 Instagram Influencers with ‘Average Joe’ Jobs

Mamaputle Boikanyo

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Instagram Influencers can be people with regular jobs who have found creative ways to use social media in their careers.

You don’t have to be an entertainer to have social media influence

When you think of Instagram influencers, you usually have people like makeup artists, actresses, fashionistas and musicians in mind. It’s easy to remember personas like Mihlali Ndamase, Rich Mnisi, and Kefilwe Mabote as social media’s top influencers. Consequently, you never really think of influencers without associating them with glitz, glam and entertainment. But, it isn’t always like that. Instagram Influencers can be people with regular jobs who have found creative ways to use social media in their careers. In anticipation of Facebook Youth Enterprise & Skills Day on the 8th of June, here are four Instagram influencers with conventional jobs.

1. Valencia Clay (Teacher)

While she would most certainly reject the term influencer, Harlem born Valencia Clay (@valencia_valencia) has an impact on social media that is undeniable. With over 160 000 followers on Instagram, Valencia is the teacher we all wish we had in school. If you visit her page, Valencia’s bio manages to sum her occupation up with only two words: “I teach” and she does just that. Her Insta page is filled with her at her best in the classroom, combining education with black activism, empowerment and inspiration.

2. Dr. Nandipha Magudumana (Doctor)

Dr. Nandipha Magudumana (@drnandipha)  is one of SA’s most influential medical professionals on Instagram. With a  following of over 90 000, Nandipha’s Insta page embodies one of the most important things that big brands forget – it’s not just about selling products, it’s about inspiring people and creating a connection with them online. Dr. Nandipha, who is the founder and CEO of Optimum Medical Solutions, uses her Instagram to promote her business, but also gives her audience some health, wellness and beauty tips, while giving us a glimpse into her personal/family life and showing off her personal style.

3. Neo Nontso (Cook and Makeup artist)

Neo Nontso might be a professional makeup artist for celebs like Shekhinah and Anele Mdoda, but she’s also Instagram’s master cook in the kitchen. Her Instagram page (@dinewithneo) boasts about 70 000 followers and an interactive audience that relishes over her delicious recipes. The magic of Neo’s Insta page lies in her engaging followers. While her feed is filled with pictures of her best dishes, her stories also include shared stories from followers who’ve tested and tried her recipes with the best results. Her success as an Insta chef also lies in the fact that her recipes are super accessible and easy to make.

4. Precious Thamaga (Event Planner)

Precious Thamanga is an accomplished and esteemed event and wedding planner with a following of 116 000 on Instagram. Anyone who’s seen it, can’t deny her ability to pull an event off and make it Insta-worthy. She turns weddings into dreamy fairy tales and other common events like launches or birthdays into magical occasions. Don’t believe it? See her Insta page by clicking on @precioustheplanner .