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This Sunday night in Brooklyn New York-MTV turned the place out hosting the Video Music Awards

Last Sunday night in Brooklyn NY, MTV turned the place out hosting the Video Music Awards. The night was filled with all your favorite (and not so favorite) celebrities and television personalities gracing the black carpet and ‘amping’ us for amazing stage performances. Of course the night wouldn’t be the celebrity filled night life that we all love to hate, if it wasn’t for Miley Cyrus and her antics (twerk, Miley Miley Miley twerk). Here are the best of the best of the MTV VMAs.


Justin Timberlake arguably gave one of the best performances of the night, performing a medley of his past hits. And surprise! JT brought back a blast from the past – N’SYNC – to perform their hit single “Bye, Bye, Bye.” Guess that rumor turned out to be true, huh?


Two days after professing his ‘love’ (still not convinced) for Kim Kardashian and pulling a Jay & Bey move by posting a picture of their daughter, North,  Mr  Kanye West hit the stage to perform his Yeezus single, Blood on the Leaves.



How can we forget Drizzy? Rumored to be dating bad girl Rihanna (oh-oh) but most importantly – Drake lifted everybody’s spirits with his Started From The Bottom anthem – lifted from his upcoming third studio album Nothing Was The Same, set to hit stores in late September.



But I know that everybody was (and still is) really talking about this performance.

Robin Thicke has had probably one of the biggest songs this year, Blurred Lines ft Pharrell Williams and T.I. He was joined by Twerking White Girl Miley Cyrus for a duet on the track. She also opened up with a performance of her own, with current hit We Cant Stop. And it wouldn’t be a Miley Cyrus performance without a drug-induced teddy bear, a giant foam finger (which we’ll never be able to look at the same way again) and her very own team of professional Twerk Team. Miley’s new album, Bangerz…is available for pre-order.

Later, Robin was joined by rappers 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar for a super exciting performance of his brand new single (and one of my personal favorites) Give It 2 U.