Blue Kitty is carving out her place in South African Hip Hop


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Meet our Undergound Showdown champ

Adorable, fierce and humble; these are the words that our showdown champion, Blue Kitty, uses to describe herself. The 15 year old rapper beat Soweto born PrimeTheGifted in our first Undergound Showdown. The category was “lyrical mastery over a tight beat” and Blue’s track Let’s Get It exceeded our expectations.

Kamvelihle Melaphi, better known by her stage name ‘Blue Kitty’, started her journey with music in primary school where she took music classes and sang in the choir. Fast forward a few years and the self proclaimed “Leader of the 2000s” has moved on from choral to hip hop. “I love making music because it gives me the perfect creative platform to send out messages of hope to my Blue fam, it’s a way of connecting with other people from all over the world. I get to share memories, stories and experiences with people who relate to my music.”  

Blue Kitty draws inspiration from hip hop giants, Nasty C, Rouge and Nadia Nakai. Nadia Nakai was among the first to recognize her talent when she retweeted one of Blue’s tracks to her audience. When we asked her what the future holds, the Cape Town native said: “I think the future holds a different voice for the 2000s kids culture, groundbreaking accellades and a distinct sound not only for me but for a brand new wave of fresh young talent. I definitely see myself as South Africa’s youngest female record label owner; representing the distinct realities of my fellow 2K generation sound.” 

We see a bright future for the young rapper and cannot wait to see what she does next.

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