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By Siphokazi Ndondo What does it take to be one of South Africa’s top fashion bloggers? We caught up with the Gilded Hanger to find out. She was voted runner-up in the fashion category of the SA Blogger Awards. We got to chatting with her at 44 Stanley – one of the hottest spots for […]

Bloggers in Johannesburg Feature image of The Gilded Hanger at Arts on Main. (c) Psynosure Photography

By Siphokazi Ndondo

What does it take to be one of South Africa’s top fashion bloggers? We caught up with the Gilded Hanger to find out. She was voted runner-up in the fashion category of the SA Blogger Awards.

We got to chatting with her at 44 Stanley – one of the hottest spots for bloggers in Johannesburg where chill-out music swirls in the air and men with cool convincing hipster beards have their epic brainstorming sessions or look good just having coffee. She gracefully walks in and thanks us for meeting up with her at one of her favorite hang outs. We obliged: bearded hipsters and all. We wanted to know how this digital diva got her show on the road.

Who is the Gilded Hanger?

Tasarnia Dhuloo is a Glenvista-born fashionista. Her background in fashion comes from her design studies, which she loved, but didn’t pursue after school. After racking up her first degree in marketing from IMM Graduate School of Marketing, she is finally studying fashion at LISOF, one of South Africa’s most progressive fashion design schools. I believe in using fashion to inspire women to feel good through style.

How did blogging come about for you?

I felt very stuck in what I was doing, working for my mom. I wanted to build my own empire because I couldn’t see myself working for a boss. So I set my own path and built my own future through doing what I love, which is fashion.

How did you start you first blog?

I used BlogSpot as a platform first, which I felt is more of a community bloggers read. I then started to go onto WordPress which I feel is a little more professional. The cool thing about WordPress is that I can now reach an audience of people that aren’t necessarily bloggers. I also like WordPress because it gives you a little more freedom to play around, which really comes in handy for the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Who inspires your style?

She smiles and her face warmly lights up.

My dad definitely! He was the most stylish man I ever met. Giggles. Before he passed on, he was definitely known as the most stylist guy around, even from the time he was little. Clothes were his fetish, everyone knew him as the most stylish man in town. He even used to put Bromer in his hair. Smiles. He really is my style inspiration. My mom is my fashion inspiration too, everyday going to work she’d put on her high heels, suits and red lipstick. Watching this while I was growing up made me fall in love with fashion.

Her proudest moment was being recognized and coming runner up in the SA blogger Awards in the Fashion Category last year(2014). Even though she just recently started the blog in 2013 and modestly admits that she is still only starting out.

How does SA Fashion Blog Awards work?

  • You register yourself on the SA blog awards before the closing date.
  • People then need to vote for you by clicking the like button on your blog.
  • The bloggers who receive the highest votes move onto the judges phase, where the judges decide who among them wins.

Who are the designers that inspire you?

I’m loving the Balmain look. I’m also loving shoes! Shoes are really my thing at the moment, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo are shoe designers I adore. On the South African front, I love Gavin Rajah, and what he is doing with Indian-inspired design. I really look forward to seeing what he has in store for us this year.

What pumps you up about blogging?

I love shopping. smiles. I literally can’t stop shopping. I love how I can buy an item and work a post around it. I love fashion, I can’t stop talking about it. It makes sense for me to share all the things that inspire me.

What are the perks of being a blogger?

I am looking forward to attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I attended SA Fashion Week last year. Word is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will really blow me away.

Who is your favourite international blogger?

Song of style, I met her last year when Talia, who is my business inspiration, had a meet up so we could learn from Song of Style. Talia actually has a group of bloggers under her wing called the Together Girls.

Who are your top three favourite South African Bloggers?

  • My favourite SA bloggers are Aiyisha Baker. She has a blog called baked the blog.
  • Talia Goldberg, a blogger that inspires me because she has made it into an actual business.
  • Fashion Breed.

As a blogger you are the new media and the end goal is to give as many people inspiration, tips and insight into trends as possible. I feel these women have actually achieved this. Of course there is room for growth but they have set the mark. I really look up to them.

What is the blogging scene in Johannesburg like?

There is definitely a community of bloggers in Johannesburg. When going to events you see a lot of the same faces. It’s a nice place to meet new people and network. You get invited to attend these events by PR companies that have you on a blogger or media list.

What are your essential Apps for blogging?

I love Instagram and VCSO to complement my Instagram, I like to show my full pictures.

Any TIPS for aspiring bloggers?

Take it seriously from the beginning, be inspired by everything. Be consistent, don’t only post when you feel like it. Be active on social media, I personally post daily by dedicating at least an hour a day to social media.

What can we look forward to from The Gilded Hanger?

My next post is very cheeky so keep an eye out for that. I have something special brewing for my audience which I’m keeping a secret for now. And of course getting my commercial fashion degree at LISOF.

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