Become SA’s next big deal with TikTok

Ayanda Sishi

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Get ready to make every second really count with TikTok

Do you think that you are South Africa’s next influencer? Do you think that your talents can get you to the next level of stardom? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do yourself a favour and sign up for the TikTok Video Creators Workshop. The workshop taking place on the 23rd March is bringing together some of Joburg’s leading and up and coming influencers, to show them how to make it big on TikTok.

“As a young South African working towards being in the entertainment industry, TikTok has given me the platform to grow my following tremendously. Within 6 months, my fan base has grown by a whopping 90 000, and not only from South Africa, but the whole world. For me, TikTok is not just a content platform, it is a global community,” says TikTok creator Mihlali Nxanga.

And that’s not all, starting March 1, TikTok kicked off a month-long video sharing contest under hashtag #PickMe.

TikTok, together with local stars including comedian Lasizwe and singer Nadia Jaftha are looking for South Africa’s coolest content creators to create a fifteen-second video where they are showing off their talents.

If you would like to be a participant, you need to shoot a 15 second video using TikTok #PickMe and tag @tiktok_africa to participate in the challenge. The finalists will be selected based on their video performance. The most popular and talented participants will have the chance to win attractive prizes including Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphones, a day at MTV Base and a once-off-presenter opportunity. The winner will also get to attend an intensive video production workshop delivered by Digify Africa.

Post your video on the TikTok app using the hashtag #PickME on TikTok. Winners will be chosen based on your video performance so make sure you upload your best performance. So if you are looking to be South Africa’s next influencer, all you need to do is download the TikTok app and get to uploading.

If you are declared the winner you will receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the TikTok creative team to grow your personal brand and influence. You also will receive a Huawei Pro Mate 20 and attend an intense video production workshop facilitated by Digify Africa. All of these prizes are geared towards helping your career reach new heights.

Follow @tiktok_southafrica on Instagram & @tiktok_africa on Twitter.

Follow this link to enter the competition