Beauty tip of the week


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Find out about playing around with colour not only with your clothes but with your nails too!

Want to look great this summer?
Get your nails done. Long acrylic nails with special nail art is a big trend with international celebs such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.
You can do the style to match your outfit or theme for the week.
Try super long and oval shaped with spiral or floral designs and a glitter finish.  For a square shape go with designs such as panda bears, tuxedo’s, Hello Kitty , bank notes or a solid pastel colour with one different colour nail.

You can go crazy with the look, have a different design on each nail. Lots of color and patterns. Find a friend with the steadiest hand if you can’t go into a salon for a professional to do the look.

Get creative and send us pics with what you come up with.