Arsenal vs Reading- Bosso ke mang?

Live Staff

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Arsenal come back from 4 goals down to beat Reading 7-5

Missing out on the first half of the game and then bouncing back with four goals to equalize whilst your opponents thought they had won. That is how Arsenal roll. Reading most certainly did not see what Arsenal had rolled up their sleeves. That all went down during the Capital One Cup that took place in England last Tuesday night.


The first 40 minutes of the game belonged to Reading, as they took Arsenal to school in terms of goal scoring skills. The Reading players were in it to destroy Arsenal as they scooped four goals before half time. The following players scored the four goals for reading consecutively: Jason Roberts, Laurent Koscielny, Mikele Leigertwood and Noel Hunt. Talk about whooping their behinds and showing them Bosso ke mang. Funny story, Arsenal came back with full force and scored also four goals before the 90 minutes. Theo Walcot scored the equalizing goal on the 90th minute.


The match had to go on to extra time, and now real men had to shine and left the boys wondering what had just hit them. Arsenal won the cup with seven goals to five, and Reading was left wounded as they experienced massive loss.