Agony Aunt


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Hi Agony Aunt,

I have a major crisis I was hoping you could help me deal. I have sibling rivalry. My sister and I have different opinions and we always seem to get into an argument. I’m at a point where I totally dislike her. She’s older than I am and I feel like she doesn’t really support me, she’s constantly telling me to pick up things around the house. What I consider useless things. How do I address this issue seeing as she is the oldest? Should I just ignore my feelings and do as she says? It’s been going on for my entire life, so I hope you have some great advice I could implement and solve my problem.

Hi Anonymous,

Sibling rivalry is something that each and every one of us face at some point or other in our lives. Most cases, you either just deal with it or you protest and make matters worse. The best thing in these situations is to always remain humble and treat her with the same amount of love as you would on any other day. It is tough I know, but it can only mould you into a better, stronger person. If your sister tells you or asks you do something, do it. Better yet, do it before she even asks or tells you to. In the end of it all you will walk away as the better person, without picking fights or arguments. Chances are, your parents will see that your sister is wrong and address the issue on your behalf.

Chin up sister, hang in there!