A.K.A – Alter Ego


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Live reviews AKA's, Alter Ego.



Kiernan Forbes, a.k.a, A.K.A (I know) walked away with 3 Metro FM Awards for Best New Comer, Best Hip Hop Album (Alter Ego), and Best Produced Album (Alter Ego). Fans had been waiting for this album to drop for months now, and according to our jury, it was worth the wait.


Feezy: “Finally some good music! I love the album so much.  I’ve been waiting for something like this to hit S.A.”

Khura: “AKA is a beast, he is a problem ya’ll (singing)… At first I thought he was one of those guys who copy American music but WOW, I like his swag and style man! He is too good!”

Solly: “I don’t really like the album, I mean I don’t like hip hop but I have to admit I was kind of listening and interested in it but I can’t say whether it’s good or bad.”

Mzura: “My favourite track is Victory Lap.  I thought it was an American album, he has swag and he knows how to write good music. The collaborations are good. I mean Khuli Chana, YHO!

Verdict: Alter Ego is a beautifully produced and laid down local Hip Hop album and the collaborations are too nice. A.K.A is found guilty of releasing the most awesome Hip Hop album. Our jury and the judges (fans) are really impressed.

Hot Tracks: Victory Lap