57 Maggots found in elderly lady's ear


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92 year old Alzheimer's patient's ear infested with maggots.

An elderly lady who was a resident at the Lutheran Home for the Aged in Arlington Heights,Illinois has been dealt a major injustice. Catherine McCann has severe Alzheimer’s and cannot speak or take care of herself.

It was recently discovered that the ninety-two year old’s ear was infested with maggots, 57 to be exact.

Her husband, John McCann, 88 thought it terrible that he was paying up to $10 k for this kind of care and expressed great shock and horror.

Attorney, Henry Gruss who filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family has reported that a fly got into her ear canal, laid eggs which hatched 57 maggots.

That’s how many maggots Northwest Community Hospital doctors removed from McCann’s ear.

“One of them was just crawling out of the ear,” Gruss says.

Catherine’s daughter, Mary McCann Stassen  could barely look the photos of her mother’s ear stating that it was a picture she would never get out of her mind – ever. Mary apparently heard her mother scream as doctors took the maggots out of her ear.

The maggots were sent for analysis and an expert concluded that they had been in her ear for two and half to three days.

The family have subsequently taken McCann to another facility as investigations continue.