If you witnessed and survived these 10 things in 2016 then surely you will thrive in 2017

Aseza Pupuma

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From The Prophet of Doom, to #FeesMustFall, to the blesser fever, and everything in between, 2016 has been a difficult year to make sense of. Let’s help you understand why you went through the most this year, and what every moment was preparing you for. Blesser fever First on the list is the blesser/blessee fever. Almost […]

From The Prophet of Doom, to #FeesMustFall, to the blesser fever, and everything in between, 2016 has been a difficult year to make sense of. Let’s help you understand why you went through the most this year, and what every moment was preparing you for.

Blesser fever

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First on the list is the blesser/blessee fever. Almost everybody wanted to be blessed because who doesn’t want to go to Dubai, rock a 24-inch Brazilian weave, and carry an iPhone 6? If you didn’t catch this fever, then indeed your mother is a praying woman. The lesson here, boys and girls, was, “Focus on your own. Easy come, easy go.” Surely in 2017 you will appreciate the beauty of working hard, pushing through, and staying in your own lane.


Whether you saw this hashtag or not, it doesn’t really matter because you were included either way. We all remember the infamous tweet rant by Euphonik which started with music and cars, but later on included the rest of South Africa. Yes, Euphonik swore at all of us. People like Euphonik, who will pick on you just for breathing the same air as them, will still be around in 2017. But guess what, you will be ready for them because Euphonik involuntarily prepared you for them. So be as strong as DJ Zinhle, in fact outshine her.

#FeesMustFall Reloaded


To have survived this is a miracle, so please make sure to add on your CV: “Skilled in dodging rubber bullets, not suffocating in teargas, and tolerating negligence and disappointments (from the government)”. The struggle is not for the weary. Surely the interpersonal skills you have gained in this entire traumatic experience will contribute to your excellence in 2017.

Caster Semenya’s victory

If you saw the scrutiny Caster Semenya dealt with, especially prior to the Olympics finals, then you will have enough faith in yourself to face any obstacles and come conquer. I hope you took one thing from that, and that is the world will be against you, but you have to believe in yourself more than anything.

Pretoria High School for Girls hair scandal


If you saw the young pupils from Pretoria High School For Girls standing up against their school’s hair policy that reinforces institutional racism, then you are definitely ready for 2017. It’s saddening that, in 2016, we still have to fight to exist comfortably in our blackness. This act of bravery was for you to have the courage to fight for yourself, what you believe in, and never dim your light because it makes other people feel uncomfortable. They will just have to adapt.

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Your president dabbing

Surely there is no awkward moment that would surpass seeing 74-year-old President Jacob Zuma dabbing. That was not even close to being cute. I don’t know what more proof you need that you are prepared for anything in 2017.

The Bonang and DJ Zinhle saga


The lessons in this love situation are plenty. The most important is don’t trust anybody in these streets, and what doesn’t kill you really makes you stronger. Zinhle and Bonang could have both stayed down after their public dispute because their reputations were both at stake, but they chose to chin up, suck it all in and go get that bread. They fought for their happiness and themselves. The lesson is that you get up, it doesn’t matter how many punches life throws at you, you choose to get up.

Losing Mandoza

It is no debate that the late Nkalakatha was a legend, and his death touched us all. There’s nothing that could be said that could make that feel any less painful, but I hope you realised how valuable time is. In 2017 may you laugh more, love more, and give more because you don’t know when your time will be up.

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Pearl Thusi and Black Coffee takeover Hollywood


Witnessing South Africans taking the world by storm is all the proof we need to believe that all our dreams are valid. There may have been many falls in 2016, so many that a lot have come to believe that this year has been cursed. However, seeing some of our own taking a big bite of the Big Apple with Pearl Thusi being cast in the second season of ABC’s Quantico is quite inspiring. And Black Coffee being the first South African to win BET Best International Act Africa, and hanging with big acts like P. Diddy. Surely greatness is still to come and 2017 might just be the year.

Prophet of Doom

Lastly when you thought 2016 could not give us any more reasons to loathe it, comes Prophet Lethebo Rabalago to prove us all wrong, and literally get us doomed. This prophet believes Doom has a healing power to get rid of people’s troubles. Look at us, we’ve been complaining about this year all year, and the whole time the solution was in our own cupboards waiting for us, but now we know. After all the controversial priests we have dealt with this year alone I hope in 2017 you don’t let your faith be misplaced, so that you don’t go looking for healing or solutions in the wrong places.

It’s been a rough year. What did you survive and witness that you feel will make you thrive in 2017?