We break down Boity’s new single ‘Wuz Dat’

by: Terry Simelane-Mathabathe - 31 August 2018

We break down Boity’s new single ‘Wuz Dat’

South Africa is alive with possibility, and Boity is proof. The multi-talented media personality, can now add rapper to her list of titles. The presenter released her new single “Wuz Dat” featuring Nasty C on Metro FM Thursday morning. We listened to all 3:40 minutes of the song, and we have a few thoughts about the track

Let’s start with the good, shall we. Firstly, the beat is fire. It’s a bob your head in traffic, change your bad mood, beat. Not straying far from her SA hip-hop predecessors, Boity uses a beat heavily influenced by American trap. Then there’s the quotable lines. The new rapper spits some really tweet worthy lines like “Black woman, white man money, getting back the land.” and my personal favourite: “Ausi, it was brought to my attention that you ain’t sh*t”.

Now for the not so good. I could barely hear what Boity was saying most of the time. From the mumble rap to the beat, Wuz Dat sounds like a song that we have all heard before and that’s okay, I guess. That is the conventions of her new found genre.

While I might be on the fence on whether to stan for Boity the rapper, I can admit that there are a few more positives than negatives. Oh and there’s a Nasty C verse. My verdict, BoiTalented could have another lucrative income stream.

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