Top Five Fridays: Interesting Talking Points To Come Out Of The #MalwedheChallenge

by: Mamaili Mamaila - 16 November 2018

Top Five Fridays: Interesting Talking Points To Come Out Of The #MalwedheChallenge

King Monada’s Latest Single Has Officially Collapsed The Internet

Makwela Makwela Monada – And he has done it again!

Khutso Steven Kgale, affectionately known to his fans as King Monada has released a new single called Malwedhe and it has got the entire country, and other parts of the continent readying themselves for the festive season. The song’s pseudo video, which was published last month is already sitting on over two million views.

The love song, which is a comical take on the effects of heartbreak has birthed the #MalwedheChallenge and the #IdibalaChallenge, which sees people recording themselves while pretending to collapse, as per the core of the lyrical content. If it was released in the late twentieth century, it would most likely have been accompanied by visuals of him pouring his heart out in the heavy rain.

Below is a little snippet of the English translations of some of the lyrics:

Malwedhe a ka, a ka mo maratong
(My sickness is rooted in romance)
Malwedhe a ka, a ka mo maratong
(My sickness is rooted in romance)
Wa jola ka dibala
(If you cheat, I collapse)
Wa njolela ka idibala
(If you cheat on me, I collapse)

On the backdrop of the massive influence of Malwedhe, this week we take a look at five of the most interesting talking points that we have picked up from the conversations centred around the song.

No. 5 The Fresh Prince Of December

When King Monada’s breakout single, Ska Bora Moreki was released in 2016, no one expected it to get any mainstream airplay. That turned out to be the furthest thing from the truth as it ended up dominating the airwaves. It then became the New Years crossover song of choice in many parts of the country. Even till this day, the term ‘Ska Bora Moreki’, is still ingrained in pop culture vocabulary. If all our assumptions are correct, then Malwedhe will most likely be the song that crosses us over into 2019.

No. 4 The Proud Molobedu

In recent times, artists like Babes Wodumo and Nathi Mankayi have been unapologetic about their use of their mother tongues, even in media interviews. What makes King Monada even more refreshing is his insistence to speak his language. There is a lack of representation for Khelobedu, a Lowveld Northern Sotho dialect. This makes his use of the language both affirming and necessary.

No. 3 Tribalism, maybe, who knows

Songs by commercial artists who make use of the Nguni languages receive majority of the mainstream success. In the last decade, Decembers have been dominated by the likes of Big Nuz, Professor and DJ Tira to name a few. Even when it was obvious that Ska Bora Moreki was the December jam of choice in 2016, at the very last minute Mroza’s Sobulala uVan Damme was propped up to take centre stage at the midnight hour during 2016’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

No. 2 He Is Not Genre-Locked

There is no real way to classify which genre King Monada’s music belongs to. This is a question which has particularly been coming up a lot. At first, a lot of Limpopo natives had assumed that it belongs to the Manyalo genre, which dates back to the Mid-2000s. The genre which was made popular by pioneers like Pleasure Peta and S George has become widely loved among Northern Sotho people. It is to us, what Gqom is to amaZulu. However it has only recently started receiving airplay on the radio stations up north. His other songs have infused some House and Afro-Pop beats as well. It is however, difficult to box him up at the moment although his success has managed to open up that part of the industry in some way.

No. 1 Mainstream Success Is Not The Only Form Of Success

It makes one wonder what hole people have been living under when you hear questions like, “who is King Monada?” Following Ska Bora Moreki, he has released major hits such as Molamo, Chiwana and Ke a Bolecha. You will not find any of these songs on popular streaming sites such as iTunes and Spotify as he prefers to distribute his music to his fans for free. That however, does not diminish how big of an artist he really is. His music does get plenty of online views, with most of his videos on YouTube normally garnering no less than two hundred thousand views per video. Ska Bora Moreki, Chiwana and Malwedhe have all managed to surpass the one million views mark. His music is always on high rotation in public transport services in most parts of Limpopo.

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