Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Summer

by: Moroetsana Serame - 28 November 2018

Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Summer

What a time to be alone.

There’s an unsaid rule in love and war that everyone is single during the festive season (regardless of whether or not you’re in a relationship). Casual hook-ups aren’t for everyone though. Sometimes you just want to give all the love that you deserve to your own damn self. Here are a few ideas on how to.

Better safe than sorry



Dating apps can score you free lunches and underwhelming company to keep you entertained throughout the summer. But, the most important priority is your safety. Do a thorough background check on the person you’ve matched with and verify their various social media accounts. Google search their images and names. Meet them in a public place. Avoid giving out your address until you’ve established enough trust. Tell your friends about the person you’ve met online and drop your pin location or alternatively share your Uber/Taxify trip to alert your friend of your whereabouts. Trust your instincts about something that feels too good to be true. Approach with caution and keep your emotional wellbeing in check remember that all good things come to an end, so do summer flings. If online dating isn’t your vibe, an interesting alternative is speed dating in the dark at the POPArt theatre. It is also risk free as your contact details will only be given out if there’s a mutual interest.

Spice up your skills set



If dating is not an option for you at the moment, there are many ways that you can keep busy. Attend an open mic or improv night. The Performance Art Theatre offers rooftop salsa classes for those whose hips don’t lie. Bonding with your garden can also be therapeutic. You can use flowers to make potpourri or some of your organic products to make soap. Brew your own beer. Join a park run. Alternatively you can take an affordable short online course with an accredited institution such as Udemy. Learn how to use a new app such as Canva or Photoshop. Youtube can also become your friend and a great teacher, you can search for tutorials from makeup to storyboarding. Whatever it may be that interests you the list of new skills to learn is endless and so are the possibilities of self-development. Get out of your comfort zone.

Spa day for one



Pamper yourself with a mani & pedi, twist your ‘fro, make your own DIY face mask using ingredients from your kitchen. Let your chamomile tea simmer. You can also use this time to write in your journal, reflect on your yearly goals and create a vision board for 2019. Being single in the summer is a blessing not a curse.

For Your Eyes Only



Catch a movie screening at the Bioscope and if you’re more into words than visuals there are interesting book readings and book clubs around the city. One of them being the ‘Naked Girls Reading’ hosted by the POPArt theatre as part of their Queerly Beloved series.

Society is always trying to scam us into thinking that being alone is a shameful thing but time alone is essential in this messy world. Celebrate yourself this summer. From one single girl to another.