Mixed feelings towards The President’s Keepers

by: Armand Mukenge - 13 November 2017

Mixed feelings towards The President’s Keepers

Author and investigative journalist, Jacques Pauw, recently released The President’s Keepers, a book that details allegations of corruption involving President Jacob Zuma and implicates other key players keeping him “in power and out of prison.”

SARS and the State Security Agency issued the writer and his publishing company with a cease-and-desist letter demanding that they pull the book from shelves and retract parts of the book as it contains confidential taxpayer information.

Within days of its release, the first 20 000 copies of the book were sold out and it became an international bestseller. The writer claims to have since received anonymous death threats from Zuma supporters.

It’s clear that the controversial book has South Africa divided. While some people are praising the book for its role in exposing the corruption allegedly committed by Zuma and co.,, others are accusing it of driving an anti black agendacampaign.

We’ve put together a review in the form of tweets. Here’s what tweeps had to say about the book.


It’s a blockbuster.


For some, the book highlights the truth about the state of the country.


It’s fake news.


It’s spreading propaganda.


It’s a tabloid.

It’s gossip.


Pravin’s BEEN saying!


Shows just how corrupt Zuma is.

It speaks truth to power.