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Mama’s Kitchen rocked Braamfontein

by: Morwesi Ndlovu - 15 October 2015

Oh yes! Mama’s Kitchen came back to the Bannister Hotel and it rocked the crowd with its vibey set up. New Creations, the organisers, brought two bands to perform.


Go Barefoot Band, an all white-boy band, were literally bare-footed during their performance. I kid you not, something about their lyrics and how their beats synchronised reminded me of both Beatenberg and 340ml . Insane, right? not as much as how the crowd got down to the music.

One thing that stood out for me was how they communicated with the audience. The audience demanded an encore and the band actually delivered.

Mama' Kicthen-

FratPack was the second band to perform on the night and at the start, it looked like they were not going to have the best time on stage. It took around 30 minutes to prepare their set (or is that normal?). Nevertheless, they eventually rocked it out.

  I got distracted by a girl across the room who was so high, a friend of hers let her sleep on a chair with her mouth open while she couldn’t resist Fratpack’s music (it was hilarious). If you are able to make people lose the right amount of their minds, you qualify to be called a rock star.

It was disappointing that both bands only performed and left because it would have been great if they stayed around to show support.  Their actions left New Creations unable to announce the winner of the competition. In addition to that, the events’ main purpose moved from being a competition to having a good time.

The band that I have been waiting for all night, New Creations hopped on to the stage. I loved their energy. They took us back to the good old days of kwaito by not only performing their hits but also doing a rendition of Brenda Fassie’s ‘higher’. I looked behind me and the crowd had become bigger and I took that as a sign that the love from their fans is undoubted.

New Creations said, “The process we use to select bands is pretty straightforward, we look for bands that play different music to ours, we look at what they’ve been doing in the past two years, it they are active in music business then contact them, some of them we’ve played with before at the same gig and we kept contact, actually most of them we meet up at gigs. We do this so we can keep the live music alive”-Teboho, New creations.

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