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by: Mthakazi makalima - 7 November 2013

There is only one word to describe the beautiful, colourful trendy African print – “powerful”. African prints are colourful, with a lot of tribal patterns. It’s summer time once again and that means you should brighten up your day, so get those prints out of your wardrobe and grace the streets in style.

Kente is a type of an African print which is arguably the best known and most renowned of all cloths. It is most popularly known as the the icon of African heritage around the globe and can be defined by its bold designs, bright colours, multi-coloured patterns and dazzling shapes.

The are many types of African prints coming from all over the continent, and can be worn in different ways.

Even American celebrities are embracing the beauty of African print, for instance the likes of Solange Knowles, who shot her music video KwaLanga, a township near Cape Town.

Thanks to modern twists and styles, there is a wide range to choose from or to wear prints. From bridal dresses, classical red carpet to street fashion. Here are are some trendy way. Here are some trendy designs for those who want to rock African prints this summer. Let’s go out and print the streets of Mzansi.