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Fashion Items that have made a huge comeback in 2017

Fashion Items that have made a huge comeback in 2017

by: Sandile Ngwenya - 13 October 2017

From oval shaped sunglasses, fedoras to slip-on loafers, thanks to hipsters items that belonged in your grandmother’s closet have become cool in street fashion.

We take a look at 5 items that have made a strong comeback in 2017.

The Fanny Pack
Originally a waist bag that was used by street vendors and grown-ups with more to put in their pockets,the fanny pack has made a return. The convenient bag grew popular in the 80’s, and was all the rage with the nerds in the 90’s.

And now, the cool kids have reimagined how to wear the item that was originally meant to be clipped around your waist.You can also carry the bag across your shoulder.

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Nike Airmax Series

Nike cemented their space as a leading sneaker brand in the 90s with the release one of their most iconic sneaker series;The Airmax. What was created to be a running shoe, has now become more about stunting.
Since then, the sneaker series has had a special part in hip-hop culture. From Drake, Wale, Redman and Gucci Manne have all had Airmax references in their music

Locally, Dj Doowap, Okmalumkoolkat and Riky Rick have all been spotted rocking the sneakers.

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Vintage Sportswear Brands

Brands like Fila and Kappa have made a huge comeback this year, with their classic designs. Headed by grime rapper Skepta, this kind of style of dressing even has a term of its own called the Tracksuit Mafia.

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Dr. Martens
These chunky boots that were designed for postmen, police officers and factory workers in the 60’s.
The boots gained worldwide recognition in the 90’s because of Grunge fashion. Fashionistas from all ages never get tired of Dr.Martens whether boot or low cut versions, they just keep coming back.

Customised Denim Jackets
Denim jackets have never gone out of fashion. However, it seems customised denim jackets inspired by 90’s rock stars have slowly made their way back into fashion.

The great thing about customised denim jackets is that you affordably be on trend by pimping your old jacket on your own by adding pins, patches and some painting.

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