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Entrepreneurship alive in fashion

by: Morwesi Ndlovu - 2 May 2015

Entrepreneurship have contributed immensely to the economy of our country. It’s delightful to know that among these entrepreneurs, women are now being recognized as part of these extensive contributors. One woman in particular, Roxy Farrera, has worked hard as an entrepreneur within the fashion industry to make a name for herself. She is the owner of Parooz, a funky everyday-wear boutique in the heart of Braamfontein.


This part of Jozi needs no introduction, it is considered by most the epicenter of fashion trends in all of Johannesburg. It [Braamfontein] gives young people the platform to make an effort and to put some thought behind their pieces of clothing when arranging an outfit. I mean if you’re constantly in this part of Johannesburg, you should know what I’m talking about.

 Well, if  not, perhaps this article will assist your wardrobe this winter – “Keeping you cool in the cold” is Roxy’s objective this season with her new range that launched early of April.

“Keeping you cool in the cold is the slogan of our new winter range. The range that came out on the 5th of April all about being fun. It is nothing you’ll see in any part of SA. Leather trim jackets,urban street wear, and statement pieces is what to expect when walking into Parooz.”

Roxy’s dream was to start a brand that was exclusive yet affordable. “Starting your business is always hard, but I’ve always been in being a believer of hard work. I never studied fashion coming out of high-school because I couldn’t find my ground. I’ve always had entrepreneurial background since I was little and I’ve always loved fashion, I thought let me just do this. If you do it with hard work and passion – it won’t fail.”

It was a bright day for Roxy when she started Parooz. She started making sales at home with just three rails and over the years it grew. From there on she opened her first month-long pop up shop three years ago in Braamfontein, she loved it so much she never left.

“I went out and threw myself in the deep end and started my business small and slowly. It kept growing day by day. I am testament that if you love something through the good and bad times, and push through it, you could make anything work. If you believe in something enough, you could never fail.”


Her style is timeless and it sure is affordable and comfortable to wear. One of the models finding it hard to let go of the clothes when the shoot was over, was one sign that made it clear that her new range is for keeps. The new range is also an indication that anything is possible if you work hard at it and Roxy made it possible for herself. Rock up at Parooz and get yourself the new range and keep cool in still this cold winter.


Writer @Morwesi_Ndlovu

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Roxy’s Boutique  @ParoozFashions