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Converse gets designers to “Start from the Bottom” at the #ChucksFirst fashion show

by: Tshituku Ndadza - 17 August 2018

A celebration of the Chuck Taylor and Converse

The #ChucksFirst fashion show was held at Sally Mustang, Kramerville to celebrate the Chuck Taylor All Star. The Start from the Bottom show invited designers Ri.Ch Factory, Gulexy Creations, DEAD.93, Prime Obsession and Rich Mnisi.

The designers had to create designs drawing inspiration from the Chucks. They showcased the Chucks while keeping in mind what their brand represents. It was a matter of showing progression and starting your outfit with a pair of a chucks.

Start from the bottom Converse show

The event aimed to inspire people to dress however they want and not how they are expected to. Converse encouraged people to start with All Stars and take it from there proposing a shift in thinking and being confident while doing so.

We spoke to Rich Mnisi about how he came to collaborate with Converse.We asked him what kind of style he went for for the show, “It is very casual, almost like how my general interpretation of Converse. It is very calm like how a day out with friends would be”.

Bradley Knowles, the Marketing Executive for Converse, had this to say about the campaign, “The Start from the Bottom #ChuckFirst show was just the start of more things to come. Converse will be rolling out a series of #ChucksFirst activations in Johannesburg,Cape Town and Durban.These activations will feature the live mannequins that came to life at the fashion show. The mannequins will be popping up at converse stores, malls and popular hangouts. Converse will be giving people the opportunity to win prizes for those who best dress up the mannequins and post those online”.

Converse Fashion Show

We spotted Chanley Wongley from eTV show Sistahood rocking a pair of Chucks.

Here are some pics from the show: