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AKA’s Life on the Road Episode 4

AKA’s Life on the Road Episode 4

by: Terry Simelane-Mathabathe - 26 January 2018

AKA’s latest offering to the fans has come in the form of a four-part doccie called Life on the Road.

Life on the Road is exactly as the title suggests, a look at AKA’s life on the road. The story is more like a collection of inserts rather than a complete thought-out narrative. We see snippets of AKA’s life in a format that resembles a WhatsApp status or an Insta-story.

At the start of episode four we see SuperMega setting himself as the undefeated rap champion of the world. The intro holds the promise of great things to come but after the first transition it all starts to go downhill.

While watching this episode I learned what product placement is (can you say Reebok one more time Kiernan?), that AKA has a really sweet dad who is a lover of Chris de Burgh’s music and that our favourite yellow bone rapper definitely does not have a career in basketball.

Life on the Road shows us parts of AKA that we have always known, the excessive egomaniac and the talented lyricist. The shots were amazing, the editing a bit sketchy but overall it was a celebration of the life of a man that you cannot help but admire.

You really shouldn’t take my word for it. Watch the video the below and tell me what you think.