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Cool As Folk, the concert with a cause

by: Nadine Kutu - 17 April 2015

Cool As Folk may be a concert, but the reason for bringing all these stars together is pretty dope. Saving the environment.  Greenpop is a social enterprise that focuses on saving the  environment, one tree at a time.  It’s pretty cool to think that by simply going to a concert to see a cool band you’re also contributing to aiding the environment.  Let’s face it, sometimes trying to fix the world can be a bit daunting, but Greenpop tackles the issue in a cool way.

Cool as Folk _ 20150409 _ © Nadine Kutu046Greenpop has been around for three years, and in that time they have planted over fifty thousand trees in three hundred and sixty-five different locations.  If you have ever wanted to help out the planet, Greenpop is a great way to do so.  Everything from giving tree’s away as gifts, to becoming one of Greenpop’s interns in Cape Town is possible, so why not?

Cool as Folk _ 20150409 _ © Nadine Kutu041Instead of scaring us with a bunch of stats about how we are all doomed because we did not recycle our Easter egg wrappers and we don’t carpool in hybrid cars, Greenpop proposes a simple idea, PLANT TREES!  It’s simple and anyone can do it, the organization has tree planting projects throughout the year.  No space or time to plant a tree?  Well for R120 Greenpop will plant a tree for you, they will send you the co-ordinate and you can visit your mini investment to fixing the world whenever you like! If you are still not sold, attend one of the concerts they hosted, the money goes to their cause, and you get to see some of your favourite artists – now there’s really no excuse.

Cool as Folk _ 20150409 _ © Nadine Kutu048Greenpop has made caring for our planet fun, not a chore.  So whether you are a budding environmentalist, or a hard-core of-the-grid living expert, you can find something you’ll like about Greenpop. Cool As Folk will be taking place in Cape Town this coming Saturday, 18th April at the Sideshow Fez Club, so if you are in the area, go with a couple of friends, or go and make new friends there, whatever you choose, you will have a good time.

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You can find out more information on the next Cool As Folk event on Facebook,  or more on Greenpop on their website.

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