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6 great web series you should be watching right now!

6 great web series you should be watching right now!

by: Kamaria Balkisson - 2 November 2015

The days of waiting for the perfect TV series that best captures your particular life are over.

Rather than waiting for TV shows like Friends or Girls that speak to their life experiences, some young black women have taken their own ideas to the Internet.

Here are some great web-series’, South African and otherwise, that we think you should be watching or listening to (in the case of podcasts).

Black Girls’ Talking

Black Girls Talking speaks to the specific issues that led to me writing this list: the lack of black women being represented in the mainstream media.
This podcast features four women talking about everything from pop culture, reality TV, all the way to the mainstream news.

They feature guests who are working to change the stereotypical perceptions of black women in the media.
The podcast uses academia, the arts and pop culture to discuss, and even educate listeners, on serious issues in a light and entertaining way.

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If Serena Williams were white would the discussion around her body type and aggression still be relevant?

Women On Sex

Women on Sex is a weekly 10-part South African YouTube series directed by filmmaker and actress Mmabatho Montsho and features South African women talking frankly about sex.
The series gives black women a voice on an issue where their voices are normally missing. It tackles topics like virginity testing and the relationships between money, power and sex. Popular celebs like Khanyi Mbau, Masasa Mbangeni, Azania Mosaka and a selection of experts make the series even more compelling because you never who to expect next.


Cynthia Gwebu

Cynthia Gwebu, is a South African beauty and lifestyle YouTube Channel where Gwebu discusses her latest make-up obsessions and reviews her favourite local beauty products.
Gwebu’s short make-up tutorials offer easy tips that work best on black skin.
This young woman will help you get ready for any event from a date to a night on the town.

Have you tried the No Mirror Makeup Challenge yet?

Black Women Be Like

Black Women Be Like is a podcast that connects black African women from all over the continent and the diaspora.
The hosts candidly discuss issues related to African women from culture, race and the double standards of sexuality in Africa.

Their podcast also profiles inspirational African women who are changing the world with their literature, music, politics, fashion and so on.

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Frank with J and T

Bringing it back home, this Johannesburg-based podcast, with hosts Janine Jellars and Tshego Senne, frankly discusses issues that are faced by black South African women. Listen in for your dose of feminism, pop culture, hip-hop and conversations on #BlackTwitter.

Their bluntness and humour, especially related to topics like Oscar Pistorious and Open Stellenbosch is refreshing.
The podcast fills listeners in on events and it also profiles South African women who are doing exciting things.

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If Beyonce was chosen to advertise the paying of E-tolls would you want to pay?

My Fro and I

Aisha , a young Tanzanian woman living in South Africa, has a natural hair vlog for all your natural hair tips, styles and products.
Aisha confesses to having tried relaxed, weaved, braided and many other hairstyles but her natural fro has been her favourite so far.
While natural hair may seem like a lot of work to some, this channel offers some great tips, reviews of products and dozens of different ways to style and maintain natural hair.

How does your natural hair look today? #TodaysFro

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