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Brenda Fassie to be celebrated in upcoming comic

by: Live Staff - 15 May 2017

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Brenda Fassie’s life is going to be included in a comic called Femme Magnifique, the City Press reports. The project celebrates great women who include Michelle Obama, Nina Simone, Joan of Arc and Bjork. It’s written by Lauren Beukes and illustrated by Nanna Venter.

In the series, Brenda Fassie will be under the category Queen of African Pop. It will showcase Mabrrr’s popularity and the highlights and low points of her life, such as her drug addiction and a visit from Nelson Mandela. There’s also love scene between Brenda and another woman.

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“Fassie was the immediate, obvious choice – queen of African pop, queer icon, the notorious, unmistakable Ma Brrr!” Lauren told the City Press. “I wanted to memorialise her for an international audience and put her name up there in the stars where she belongs.”

The Femme Magnifique kickstarter page describes the books as “a graphic novel anthology that delivers inspirational comic-book stories about powerful women in science, politics, and the arts.” It will include 30 short stories starring female trailblazers of today and yesterday.
Femme Magnifique will be out in September. You can view some of the work in progress below, and read the full story on the City Press, here.