Boity’s Past Comes Back to Bite Her

by: Terry Simelane-Mathabathe - 3 September 2018

Boity’s Past Comes Back to Bite Her

Homophobic Tweets resurface on the heels of the release of Boity’s new single

Sherlock Holmes has got nothing on the detectives of black twitter. Homophobic tweets from Boity’s timeline that date back as far as 2009 have resurfaced on the TL and they don’t paint a pretty picture of the starlet who has managed to maintain an unproblematic public image – well, until now.

Reactions on Twitter differed with both tweets of support and disappointment pouring out for the “Wuz Dat” rapper with many feeling that digging up tweets from 2009 is a bit extra. Others have called for Boity to take up accountability and apologise.

Boity has since tweeted an apology, taking responsibility for her tweets. She stated that she was young, naive and didn’t know better.

I think we all learned that your past will come back to haunt you. Now onto the real question, is Boity’s apology accepted?