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7 photographers you should follow on Tumblr right now

by: Xhanti Jafta - 8 December 2014

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill bloggers. Each of these photographers, many of them multi-visual artists, has a distinct style that defines his or her work. Here’s our roundup of some of the most exciting photographers on Tumblr right now.

1. The Expressionist by Anthony Bila


Why we think he’s awesome:

Anthony Bila’s blog is warmth and grit mixed into one. The style of this Johannesburg-based artist is crisp, sunlit street photography. He also features some of his artworks, which match his photography for their boldness and vivid expression. Anthony has worked with major brands like Old Khaki, Onitsuka Tiger, Wrangler Denim and Top Man, taking them out of the stores and shooting cool street style against the grim surface of Johannesburg.

In his own words:

“My work is inspired by Africa; its traditions, including its street culture. Africa is vibrant, colourful and burgeoning with young creatives who are influenced by both their heritage, the internet and the world. I’m a multi-disciplinary artist, who works in a variety of mediums, to articulate my thoughts, my feelings and my ambitions.”


2. Anarchadium by Menzi Mzimela



Why we think he’s awesome:

He breaks convention, never one to conform to established ideas. That’s clear in all his work, from the photography that portrays deep emotion, or cool Japanese manga-style graphic designs or just videography (see rapper AKA’s Levels album listening session).

In His own words:

The word ‘anarchadium’ is a combination of two words: ‘anarchy’ and ‘stadium’. In short it means a stadium of chaos. Something that represents organised chaos which is a short summary of who I am.”


3. LeePhotography by Lesego “Thick Leeyonce” Legobane



Why we think she’s awesome:

A gallery of beautiful people; a mix between ordinary and celebrity.  She shot Simphiwe Dana’s Firebrand album cover, Lunga Shabalala and Kelly Khumalo, among others. She brings a fresh angle to portraiture, because her subjects always look like they are happy in their skin, whether clothed or half naked.

In her own words:

“Some of the biggest blogs overseas have been reblogging my work. That’s why I’ve stuck to Tumblr because my work actually goes viral.”

We did an interview with her about a month ago, which you can read here.


4. Bra Daki by Ntsika Daki



Why we think he’s awesome:

Ntsika “Bra” Daki, an art director at an advertising agency in Cape Town, looks like a true gentleman. His work is structured to perfection. We’re talking photographs, graphic design, art directing for photoshoots and album artwork here. For a feature on his blog called “Formal Fridays”, he captures what he wore that day – always smart, dapper and confident.

In his own words:

“My blog is a celebration of my generation. We were born at a time when the country was starting to see change (actually we are that change) and that for me is something to celebrate.”


5. Bambatha Jones by Mongezi Mcelu



Why we think he’s awesome:

His work is very original, with his exceptional choice of setting; rugged and rough. The photography is also stylish, which helps make the branding stronger. But it also feels personal and sincere.

In his own words:

“I’m inspired by my surroundings and my third-world problems. I embrace a lot of South African culture as I believe they can be packaged and sold. With that said, I avoid maintaining stereotypes as to what is expected from an African blogger.”

6. A Lukewarm Life by Lebo Lukewarm



Why we think he’s awesome:

The traveler, photographer and recording artist is also a member of the Camera Shy Guys, a Johannesburg-based group of creatives who shoot some of the coolest music videos. Check out rapper Reason’s “No Sleep” Remix. His work on Tumblr is a gallery of images: Ordinary people he’s captured from his travels. Some look fashionable, others moody. Nature, architecture, studio shoots, landscape, portraits – he does them all.

In his own words:

“Travelling and meeting people outside my normal life is what inspires me. The need to find something beautiful in the most unlikely of places.” 


7. KatBoy meets Girl


Why we think he’s awesome:

She’s also a stylist, and a model. Her blog focuses on her lifestyle around the city of Tshwane, capturing street fashion and events. There are also a lot of beauty tips to be picked up. Her layout is eccentric, which you’d imagine defines her personality.

In her own words:

“Basically what I’m trying to say is…I’m not basic.”

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