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A graffiti walk through Braamfontein and Newtown

by: Kyle Kheswa - 5 February 2016

Live SA photographer and avid skater, Kyle Kheswa, gets around Braamfontein either on his four wheels or on foot, which has allowed him to photograph some of Braamfontein and Newtown’s vibrant murals. Here is what his camera and his mind have captured.


Kyle says, “All the billboards, flyers and pamphlets create so much visual pollution, making the city feel like a monotonous sea of cheesy slogans, unnecessary products and cheap attempts by businesses at seeming artistic. But where corporations see a giant marketing space, others see the city as a canvas, to do on it whatever their imaginations and sprays cans allow.

Graffiti“Graffiti has become so ingrained into our urban lifestyle that artists can make a living from doing something that would be considered illegal under different circumstance,” he continues. “As a pedestrian I’m always looking forward to finding new pieces. I’m  enthralled by the creativity, authenticity and effort that went into creating these large scale masterpieces.”


Check out the pics of graffiti pieces taken by Kyle on the gallery above.

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